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Xiamen Runchip Integrated Circuit Technologies Co.,LTD

Xiamen Runchip Integrated Circuit Technologies Co.,LTD. is a fabless IC design house focus on RF&microwave and analog.

Located in the phase III, software park, BRICs future innovation park.

Our company provides high-end, high-performance, high-value integrated circuit technology and products for industry, communication, automobile, medical and other fields. Products include high performance 24G/77G mmwave radar transceivers, PLL, temperature sensors, high precision ADC.

Now we have 800M ~ 12G fractional-N phase-locked loop (4 items),±0.5℃,±0.25℃,±0.1℃ precision digital temperature sensors are available for customers to choose.

We will continue to increase more resouces to pruduct research and development. On the basis of standard international mainstream products, independent innovation, to develop more High-end, High-performance, High-value products, comparable to international products, to achieve High-quality competition replacement.



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